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Tashkent, Amir Temur Museum
Tashkent is a city of contrasts, the city, which has absorbed all beauty of the medieval East. It is the city, where the antiquity is combined with the present, ancient minarets with skyscrapers.

The history of Tashkent totals more than 2 thousand years. It is a history of the unique city which has seen, in its life, many governors. Tashkent attracts the tourists with its heterogeneity, with an old and a new city. The most ancient mausoleums, which firmly endured severities of the past years, until now tower above Tashkent, keeping a unique architectural ensemble of whole city. In Tashkent you can visit various Hills - the ruins which had existed here some centuries ago, the settlements. It will be excellent digression to the past; you can feel surprising transience of life and the invisible communication connecting us with great and sage ancestors. One of the largest Hills is ancient settlement site of 1-13 centuries -Mingorik, which received it name from huge apricot garden, formerly situated on a coast of the nearby river – Salar.

A feeling of an indissoluble string of the present and far past will grasp you while visiting the mausoleum of Sheikh Zaynutdin Bobo, mausoleum of Zangiata, the madrasah of Barakhan, Kokaldosh and the madrasah of Abdul Kasim, which represent not only historical-architectural constructions of the most ancient times, but are also the place of religious worship.


Also the Old city is presented as a caravan sheds, markets in which you can buy originally national suits, trimmed with gold; exclusive handicraft carpets, skilful statuettes and the traditional domestic utensils, made by the best masters of Uzbekistan and, absorbing in itself all worminess and love of the creators.

The new part of city is presented by various clubs, the centers of entertainment, parks, and theatres. Halls of the best theatres of capital are ready to meet you with their classical and modern plays, with opening nights, in which all colors of life are precisely displayed. The city has its own Tashkent Land, an aqua park and various places national parties, celebrations, where it is possible to rest with all family, to revive and to leave good memories, which will warm you all remaining week.

Only having visited this wonderful city, you can be yourself convinced, that Tashkent is a city with great historical past and not less great future.

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