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Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Bibi Khanum, Samarkand

Uzbekistan today - is not simply the country of the Central Asia, glorified by an abundance of the sunny days, it is the whole historical civilization, which has presented to the world community many the most valuable discoveries. it’s the country, where under blue domes of Madrasahs, extraordinary researches had been conducted, on the hottest deserts of which the whole chains of the caravans had passed carrying culture and art from all over the world.

Just imagine amazing brick constructions inside which you can see the superfine mural and a colorful ornament on the walls - which, to all this, are already some thousand years old. You will have a feeling, that the time has stopped, that the past has merged in one dance with present, that you are a lonely Dervish, who has been wandering many years in many cities, and, at last, who found now something, that he has been searching for many years – it is peace and composure, feeling of a unification with the world and harmony in himself. What had these walls hidden, what wonderful legends have they stored and, what passions had passed in these proof fortresses?!

The atmosphere of Samarkand - the pearl of Uzbekistan, excites hearts and imagination. Having stepped on the Samarkand ground and, having heard vociferous sounds Karnay (Uzbek fife), you will plunge into another measurement, where chronology begins from many centuries back. Here, holidays have scope of weddings, and weddings are celebrated as a huge banquet, with songs, dances and fun of all visitors.

Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Sherdor, Samarkand

You will be amazed and affected by splendor, magnificence of ceiling ornament and inexpressible beauty of arches of not only huge palaces, but also simple dwellings. This is the art of masters, who has skillfully realized even the most fantastic plans. This is the masterpiece of artists, who has laboriously and precisely created own miracle.

You will feel something extraordinary visiting the observatory of the great scientist, the dear son of the native, Mirzo Ulugbek, whose works were dedicated to calculations of duration of days, months and years, which can’t today be carried out even with the most super modern devices. The surprising feeling covers when you look at the observatory, it seems like the scientist himself over the map laboriously works with his pupils, so that his works will yield its fruits, and in the future would help all mankind.

The Pleiades of scientists of world significance was reared by gifts Uzbek land. The chain of great figures of the past is long as a history itself. The one is scientist - physician Avitsenna, who introduced to the world methods of healing, gifted by the nature. Another is mathematician Al-Horazmi, who is the founder of modern algebra.

Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Shakhi Zinde, Samarkand

Eyes of Beruni, the great son of the Uzbek land, fixed upon mighty firmament, have introduces to the world many unknown stars and continents. Walking on streets of sunny Khoresm, you feel his look directed towards the sky, the glance of the scientist thirsting to understand and learn something new, to be inspired with novel secrets of space.

Uzbekistan is ancient civilization, which causes a feeling of pride at present descendants of great people of the past. The heart of each citizen of Uzbekistan silently and gently flares up with love to his country. That’s the love of God, the love person and the care of Mother Nature, which are merged together.

Basis and traditions of hospitable Uzbekistan has been developing for ages. From the earliest times, arts men, scientists and trades people had found shelter and protection on the fertile ground of Uzbekistan. Here, each guest and visitor is treated with respect and affably. Why, from time immemorial, the tradition of hospitality and friendliness has developed, and it is transferred by ancestors from generation to generation, from the father to the son. The basic feature of character of the Uzbek family is hospitality and traditionally respectful esteem to the elders.

Uzbekistan amazes everyone with its natural contrasts: monotonous grey deserts - and high snow -covered mountains; the deep and full rivers - and extremely waterless spaces. A combination of climatic zones - glaciers and hot deserts, boundless steppes and blossoming valleys, foothill areas and transcendental heights - creates a unique palette of a landscape of republic and many opportunities for tourism, practically, at any season.

Uzbekistan, with its unique heritage of architecture, with an abundance of unique monuments of a history and culture attracts tourists from all over the world. There are over 4 thousand monuments of architecture in Uzbekistan. The well-known cities – monuments are Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shahrisabz, Kokand, Termez and many others. In the suburb of Hiva, there is a well-known historical-architectural city - reserve, at the coast of Amu Darya, the ancient fortresses Tuproqqala, Qavatqala and the others are located. All of them are as if museums in the open-air.

And all this with traditional Uzbek hospitality and openness, wakens interest to Uzbekistan of not only the politicians, businessmen and experts, but also the interest of ordinary population of foreign countries. Here, each slice of the ground is impregnated with a history, a history of great past.

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